How to Identify a Reliable Free Christian Counselor

01 Dec

For a Christian to grow stronger spiritually, emotionally and professionally, you need constant counseling and mentoring. Christian counseling addresses issues such as marriage, church leadership, evangelism, and spiritualism. However, due to the busy nature of our lifestyles, most Christians lack enough time to attend counseling sessions in person. As a result, many have opted for online free Christian counseling. Online counseling is more convenient because it gives you the opportunity to schedule your session to fit your program and allows you to access a pool of professional counselors across the globe. When looking for a free online Christian counselor there are specific attributes that you should look for to distinguish from other counselors. They include among others.

The first distinguishing aspect of online christian marriage counseling is an in-depth knowledge of the Bible. Christian counseling is based on Biblical knowledge which is the foundation for Christian believes. That means an excellent counselor should be a Bible scholar preferably a pastor, a reverend, bishop or even a teacher of the Bible. Therefore, it is essential to do a background screening to determine whether the counselor has the relevant Biblical knowledge before you engage.

Secondly, such an individual should have a personal relationship with Christ. You need to be counseled by somebody who is born again and loves Jesus as a personal savior. Though it may be difficult to quantify an individual's love for Jesus, but through observing the behaviors and the lifestyle you will be able to tell whether the counselor is a follower of Christ or not. Some of these actions include being compassionate, loving, caring, regular study of the Bible among others.

Thirdly, an excellent christian marriage counseling should be professionally trained in all aspects of human development like spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally and professionally. In doing so, you need to examine the individual's educational background to ensure he or she attained the right grades, attended recognized and accredited institutions and has valid and verifiable academic documents.

Another outstanding quality of an exceptional Christian counselor is the experience. For how long has the individual been in the profession? How many people has the professional counseled before? And what is the scope of the counselor's work? The more experienced the counselor is the higher the chances of getting quality advice. For further details regarding marriage counselling, go to

Finally, choose somebody who licensed and certified by the counseling professional bodies. For the sake of credibility and reliability, you must ensure that you engage an online counselor who as authentic licensing and accreditation documents.

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